fevereiro 14, 2023


Today I have a new online shop to share with you, where you can find practical pieces for any woman's day-to-day.

Hope you like it!

The store is Popilush and it is a store with several products, linked to the shapewear category.

Their mission is to enhance every woman's body, regardless of size or shape.

They have a wide range of products, from shapewear, which you can effectively wear under your usual clothes, to common garments, which help to define your curves.

We have a tendency to associate shapewear pieces, almost with something that is a type of underwear, only more uncomfortable.
The truth is that this brand breaks with that stigma, presenting pieces like this dress, which highlight the shape of the body, but keeping the practical and comfortable side.
This model is Long Lounge Dresses and is perfect for countless occasions, it turns out to be a very versatile basic.
It is available in many colors and from size XS to 3XL, allowing any woman to find the right size for her body.

As you can see, even long-sleeved models have them in beautiful tones, so you can wear them on a daily basis, looking amazing and comfortable.

They do have a wide range of dress models, that you can a Shapewear Dress but they also have jumpsuits and bodysuits, so there really is an option for every woman's preference.

But yes, this store is so versatile that, for those who want to try on pieces that are more like underwear, they also have several models for different occasions.
This one, for example, is the Backless Bodysuit Bra and is perfect for those dresses in which the back is exposed, but also has a neckline, because it is hidden, but we still have the necessary support, but our body is even more exalted.
It is also available in a very considerable range of sizes, from S to 3XL, so as you can see, any product from them is inclusive for all body types.

I confess that I loved the concept of this store and without a doubt I would see myself wearing several of their models.
And you? Did you already know Popilush?
Hope you have a great Valentine's Day!


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  1. Hi! Thanks for sharing this line! I truly love minimalist versatile pieces like this. Have been making an effort on a more cohesive simple wardrobe.